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Cole and Wyatt Banner

Cole and Wyatt Banner grew up on the Pecos River in West Texas and started hunting with their father, Jesse Banner and Grandfather, Cy Banner when they were just out of diapers. They are both considered to be some of the regions best hunters and fishermen, which makes them highly sought after as guides. 

Ross Blackwelder

Ross Blackwelder grew up in West Texas on a ranch approximately 40 miles west of the Banner Ranch. Ross hunted and trapped from an early age like the Banners, as well as helped Cy and Jesse work their livestock while in high school and college. 

B/B Ranch Hounds

Ross, Cole, and Wyatt began hunting mountain lion in West Texas out of necessity. When Jesse Banner reintroduced sheep and goats to the ranch, the mountain lion began consuming them in large numbers. After many pups, dogs, long days and nights, and hard lessons over five years, Blackwelder/Banner or B/B was born and they have developed them into a great pack of dry ground hounds. B/B loves conservation, hunting, guiding, and is excited about their future. Book a hunt with these honest Texas folk. You will have a blast!

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